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Dating in Cyberspace

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Dating in CyberspaceLet me share my experience to all who reads my blog. I had several accounts in numerous websites before. I always enjoy having new connections to strangers. I believe that making these connections open the possibility of meeting new people, and perhaps building new friendships in real life. The worldwide web also nests people’s intentions of finding a perfect partner or finding a perfect relationship. I made it a pastime way back then to search for men who would fit in my category of an ideal date. A handsome, God-fearing, and intelligent gentleman was a dream guy for me; I was hoping to meet that dream guy on cyberspace.

After tons of attempts of waiting for the right one, I was fed up. Cyberspace isn’t actually far from what real life has to offer. On the internet, people can conceal who they really are. Men can easily indicate in their profile many lies to make them likeable. The internet is the biggest place to market your self to other users. It is convenient; you can easily delete and take back the things you said which you cannot do in real life. It’s just as easy as pressing the backspace. I wasn’t really getting what I was asking for. The cyber world is just like the real world with pretty ribbons in it.

From MySpace to Facebook, I tried my luck on finding the right one. I’m not putting things into conclusion that everything in the internet is fake and phony. Actually, I’ve heard from several people their success stories involving networking sites. I guess it is up to luck; if you’re bound to find the right one, you will find the right one for you – in cyberspace or in real life.

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