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Do You Remember Your First Kiss?

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I do. How will I ever forget my first? Only when I get an amnesia I guess. My first real kiss was with my first boyfriend ‘S’ and I was his first too. We were both 14 years old and so innocent. But from the moment our lips touched, my body felt a sudden rush and it was electrifying. It was so real that I thought about it for months and years and even these days. Although it was my first time, he told me that I was a best kisser. When he told me that I was his first,I didn’t believe him and pushed him to tell me I wasn’t. It became our everyday fight which caused our breakup. We only lasted for a few days lol. I had to tell my mom about it, she laughed of course and she brings it up sometimes during family gatherings. It’s both my first kiss and first breakup kiss so how would I forget it? Lol.

I’m telling all these today because Mr. B and I finally kissed. Before I go on, I changed his code to Mr. B coz Mr. Banana makes me laugh every time, lol. So let me say it again. Ahem… Drum roll please! Mr. B and I finally kissed! (BIG SMILE). It was like a moment I’ve been waiting for. As I’ve said before, when we first met at the park, and before we had our first date, I always thought about kissing him and having sex with him. But when I got to know him, I realized that he’s not just someone that’s worth a one night stand but more.

It was a warm, gentle and soft kiss. He’s one of the best kissers I’ve ever kissed in my life.

Where? When? How? Later. 🙂

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