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Funny Sex Toy Reviews – “Houston, We Have a Problem”

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U394 – Eve’s Sexy Things Rabbit
As SOON as i put the dildo setting on the highest speed and the rabbit ears on the second speed i put it in my pussy and instantly had to run off the bed b/c I was shooting everywhere! this was my first toy and it has become my best friend! lol. i love it!


5436 – A&E Massaging Vibrator

This thing is the best! This gave me my first orgasm! It also makes me pee on myself :/ Bitter sweet!

6437 – Pleasure Skin Realistic Dildo
The Bionic Boyfriend! Before when I had a boyfriend…(been a while) I would ware his little guy out but, this thing is freakin bionic! It always feels good and hard, and its never sad or droopy. and it feels so real i could have swore it climaxed when I did! A definite BUY hands down! 8/5 pts…my only complaint is that it cant bite you and you need lube..

X351 – Crotchless Ribbon-Back Boyleg Panty
They are cute, comfortable, and they are perfect for sneaking in some public sex!

3895 – Bathing Bunny Waterproof Vibe
Remember to breathe, felt so good I kept forgetting my lungs needed oxygen

6844 – Fleshlight

My wife got me this for Valentines Day and man does this thing feel real! I have never tried anything like this before but this damn thing is as good as it gets. If i ever go to prison I want someone to send me one of these. If you find this thing difficult to use, you need to call Houston because you have a problem!! #1 IN MY BOOK!

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