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Funny Sex Toy Reviews – Howled Like a She-Wolf

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1400 – John Holmes Realistic Dildo
Wife wanted me to stop at her mothers house to pick up some things.She gave me the house key and said that nobody would be there. I stopped by and heard something upstairs. I went to see what it was and I couldnt believe what i saw. My widowed 72 yr.old mother-in-law was f$#%ing the hell out of it. It was all in and didnt know how big it was until she started long stroking herself. This woman knew how to f%&$ and cum. I saw her cum 4 times and when I quietly left she was still coming when I left by the front door. Told my wife that I didnt have time to stop by.

U394 – Eve’s Sexy Things Rabbit
You totally need a towel, massove orgasm!

cyberglass_four_way G review

F293 – Cyberglass Four-Way G
This little beauty really knows how to please a lady. A slow steady build up as it caressed my G, followed by one of the longest, deepest orgasms on record. I think I howled like a She-Wolf.

H427 – Super Head Honcho Masturbator
I carry this head honcho in my pocket everywhere. I love it. While I am driving around in my police car I just pull it out and get busy. If you want to see me use it let me know!

H427 – Super Head Honcho Masturbator
Holy Blow Jobs!! Though this may sound crazy…for religious reasons…my wife cannot give oral anymore. I feel like I lost my best friend. Then I found the Super Head Honcho Masturbator!! This item is PHENOMINAL!!! I do not EVER remember oral being as good as this is! The nubs on the inside touched every point on me and with the hole in the end…made ejaculation clean. Turn inside out to clean and let dry and do ALL OVER AGAIN! I wish I could give it more stars! A MUST BUY!!!

U437 – Jumpin’ Gyrator Vibrator
Omg is the only thing I can say. My wife loved it, had to stop using it on her. The bed was so wet we had to put down another blanket to sleep on it.

U038 – A&E Clit Sensitizer Gel
I purchased this for my wife after trying a free sample. It has been difficult for her to achieve an orgasm because of a medication that she is taking. Well, this works great and it has been perfect to get her over the edge. Now she is having multiple orgasms. Things a back to normal. It would be a plus if this product was available in gallon sizes…

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