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How To Have Orgasm Together With Your Partner

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Want to know how you and your partner can achieve double orgasm together? Checkout some of the hottest tips from Cosmo and experience having an orgasm together with your partner.

Create Some Friction
Since most women tend to come more slowly than men do, use strategic foreplay techniques to bring you closer to the brink. Any sensation that involves rubbing against your clitoris will boost blood flow to your V-zone and get you extra turned on. Cross your legs, squeeze them together, and grind your pelvis against his body, your fingers, or a vibrator.

Try High-Low Foreplay
Slow his pace to the Big O (to match yours) by limiting the amount of rhythmic stimulation you give him. For example, get him crazy hot by sliding your hand along his penis using a tight, wet grip for just a minute, but before he gets too steamed up, switch to some gentle warm-up moves, like running your tongue around the head of his penis. That way you’ll control (but still maintain) his arousal. (Bonus: The mix of peaks and plateaus will intensify his eventual climax.)

Let’s Face It
Face-to-face positions that facilitate eye contact help you O together because you can look for non-verbal cues as to how close you are to crossing the finish line. Plus, it heightens intimacy.

How To Have Orgasm Together With Your PartnerBe at the Top of Your Game
Girl-on-top options, like cowgirl, where you’re leaning forward over his chest, or him sitting on a chair with you straddling him, are your best bet for simultaneous climaxing. That way you can make sure you get the slow-grind moves that stimulate your C-spot and speed up orgasm, while at the same time keeping his magic wand in check.

Play Red-Light, Green-Light
If you sense he’s close to finishing and you’re not there yet, pull out and spend a few minutes doing something else: Kissing, oral, exchanging sexy massages, dirty talk while touching yourselves or each other, or having him suck your breasts. Once he’s settled down a bit, resume intercourse. (Just make sure you press pause before he’s past the point of no return.)

Sexercise Together
Kegels aren’t just for women. Guys can do them too—and they’re an amazing way to prolong his climax—so teach him the technique. When he senses he’s approaching the peak, have him perform one long, slow contraction and breathe deeply until the urge subsides.

Use Your Love Muscles, Too
On the flip side, kegels can also get you to the tipping point faster. As you feel your arousal building, rapidly contract your pelvic floor muscles several times. This will send a rush of blood flow to your vagina, triggering orgasmic response

Rock and Roll
Thrusting is the secret weapon that makes his stick of dynamite explode. So lay off the in-and-out movement, and opt for a rhythmic rocking instead. Rocking also gets your clitoris in on the action, bringing you up to speed.

Give Yourself a Hand
Another surefire way to send yourself a surge of arousal: Reach down and stroke your V-zone during sex, or hold a vibrator against your C-spot.

Sync Up
Part of simultaneous orgasm is learning to interpret other’s physical responses, so you can sense how close you both are to climax. Try a technique called “sensate focus.” One night, instead of having sex, get nekkid and spend time just touching each other’s skin (avoiding breasts and genitals). Do the same thing the next night, adding breast play. Then proceed with touching each other below the belt, followed by oral sex, and finally intercourse.

Use a Spoon
Synchronized breathing can also promote a tandem finish, and a good time to practice is while spooning. If he’s the big spoon, have him wrap his arm around your stomach so he can feel the rise and fall of your breath against his hand, and get used to your breathing rate and patterns. Ask him to match his inhales and exhales to yours; after a few minutes, you should find that you’re breathing together.

Communicate Carnally
Come up with your own personal code for letting the other person know how close you are to orgasm. For instance, one squeeze of the hand could mean you’re 80 percent there, and two squeezes might indicate that you’re at 90 percent. Or, touching your breasts might suggest you’re an 8, and licking your lips might mean you’re about to climax.

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