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How to Know When a Guy’s into You

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How to Know When a Guy’s into YouIt pays to be nice. A lot of exciting things happened to me this week. I was hanging out in a park and I saw this cute guy and we started talking. Being new in town, I was happy to meet someone I could talk to. But after a lengthy conversation about dogs and a brief uncomfortable but kind of cute talk about our favorite things, he still hadn’t asked for my number or anything! I let him talk about anything for another hour but then I decided to play it a little aggressive.

I let him know I was interested by mentioning a movie that I wanted to see. I got excited when I found out that he also likes the kind of movies I like, the mystery/thriller type. We settled on watching The Girl Who Played with Fire DVD which was just released a few days ago. I don’t think I would like reading subtitles though since it’s in Swedish language. But I don’t really care much about that than the thought of what’s really going to happen while watching this movie. Gosh, I’m excited!

I remember two days ago, while looking for a nice resume template online, I stumbled on this Cosmo quiz called: “Do You Know When a Guy’s Into You?” And this is the result I got.

I’m a Man-Reading Mama, baby! Guy radars don’t get more precise than yours. Because you pay attention to the people around you and value their opinions, you’re better at guessing what’s going on in their heads, says Linda Papadopoulos, PhD, author of “What Men Say, What Women Hear.” The fact that you’re grounded helps too. “You have healthy self-esteem, but you also don’t suffer from an inflated ego,” Papadopoulos says. So your man-reading skills aren’t skewed by insecurity or wishful thinking.

But really, most of these online quizzes are so lazy that they ask you 5 very stupid questions with vague answers. I thought, come on, I would probably be in a relationship right now if I’m so smart about men. Until this man I met earlier proved to me that my quiz result was somehow true. After showing off that I’m excited to watch the movie with him, he finally asked for my number! I was mumbling when I gave it to him coz I just got that new number this week. I had to explain again how everything is new to me since I moved but I know I was blushing. He said he might call tonight and we can talk more about when and who’s place. We bid goodbye, separated ways and I knew he looked back. And you should know by now I didn’t have to look back to know that. 😉

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