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I’m Finally Home!

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I’m finally home! My mom and dad picked me up at Hartsfield-Jackson airport while my siblings waited for me at home. God I missed them so much! We were both crying and laughing when we saw each other. I can’t define how happy I am today, ‘m just really happy! My mom prepared my favorite food and we ate together once again. I was gone for only a few months but it felt like forever! Nothing has really changed at home and that’s my wish for Christmas. I was never that open to my family about my feelings but I didn’t let my chance just go. I told them how much I love them after dinner and even when we watched TV earlier or when my sister went to her bedroom, lol. My brother was like eeewww, stop it already. Haha!

So tomorrow I’m going to meet my close friends and I invited them to just hang out here in my house. We don’t really have big plans but we’ll just spend time together. And for some reasons, I’m waiting for my ex to call me or something. Is it bad to think this way? I don’t know, but I think I miss him a lot. And seeing the things where we spent our time together just like our couch reminds me of him. I could even perfectly remember how he smells…

Well, I don’t know. So bye to my blog for now. But I’ll be back soon, don’t miss me so much! 🙂

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  1. deepika January 6, 2011

    its a happy news ur back to home,nd every one feel in the same way as u when any one is out of home for period of time……….nd enjoy every moment of time……..

    • PenelopePardee January 6, 2011

      yes thanks. but im back in vegas now.

  2. magizbd January 6, 2011

    Very nice and attractive article.Thanks for for share.


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