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Meet The Parents

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My family finally met my boyfriend and I’m glad I believed my instinct. They love my boyfriend already, haha! After work yesterday, I went straight to my apartment, took a shower and went straight to a seafood restaurant where my family was waiting. My boyfriend and I had a date there for a few times so I was sure they would love it there.

I arrived about 15 minutes earlier than my boyfriend and so I was able to tell them a little bit more about him. When my boyfriend arrived, my sister squeezed my arms, she finds him so handsome. And she kept telling me I was right and that she wanted to stay in Vegas so she could find one too, haha! She needs to finish her studies first, l told her. I first introduced my lover to my dad, then to my mom and siblings. My heart was pounding so fast out of nervousness but I’m happy that the hard part was finally over. My bf, dad, and brother talked more about guys stuff like sports, politics, etcetera while we waited for our order.

The food was great as expected and I knew that my mom was beginning to like my boyfriend because she invited him to visit my hometown. And she even reminded me to give my bf some homemade cookies that she baked. Oh well, I had the happiest and memorable Valentine’s Day!

A few minutes after getting our desserts, my brother finally revealed our surprise gift for our parents. He handed an envelope with a note saying “Love is in the Air” with the tickets and details. My parents were so happy! We cried with tears of joy. My boyfriend told me that now he understands why I love my family so much.

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