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Met My Ex Boyfriend Again

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So yes, as I expected, my ex boyfriend and I saw each other when I went back to GA last week. I knew that I would get excited about seeing him and I was right. He looked so handsome as ever! He simply look so gorgeous. There is really something in him I could not understand that has changed but the way he looked at me was all the same. It was like when we were still together!

It was Christmas eve when I invited my friends to come over and they brought food for us. My mom and sister cooked for us too. My ex boyfriend came with them and he didn’t forget to bring my favorite cheesecake. I thought that it’s so sweet of him to remember and he’s always been so thoughtful. My friends kept teasing us to get back together and all I could give them were bunch of smiles haha! Although my moment with him was awkward, I was really giggling inside. Before he arrived, I made sure that I’d look great. I don’t understand why… or maybe I understand that I already moved on but I still have feelings for him. I’m very confused.

Whatever, I think the best thing to do is just let the feelings come as it is. I shouldn’t hide my emotions anymore and if we’re going to get back in the future, then let it be. I mentioned to him that my family will most probably visit me on Valentine’s day and he said he would love to come. He then started to reminisce our past but I didn’t stop him. I was happy about what I was hearing and I appreciate how important I am to him that he remembered even the little details of our Valentine date. Oh heavens, help me with this!

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