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Seduction: How to become that Irresistible Prey

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Sexual seduction has always been regarded as the preserve of men. But read through history, you will find that it is women who actually invented seduction; from the likes of Bethseba of the Bible to the famous Cleopatra of Egypt. Yet, it is always left for women to sit and wait for the “hunter” to come chasing.

I also subscribed to this “sit and wait” belief not until I found myself single and without a date for Valentine’s Day. And it not because am not good looking, (am obviously cute and beautiful) but I believe it’s because I have never took initiative to go for what I want. But come to think of it again, the role of a “hunter” and a “prey” has long been defined through thousands of generations. The man naturally takes the hunter. I cannot become the hunter but I sure can make an irresistible “prey”.Seduction: How to become that Irresistible Prey

So how do I become that irresistible prey? How do I make men come chasing after me? I am not Robert Greene or David DeAngelo to give expert advice, but over the last two weeks since Valentine, I have learned three tricks on how to attract more suitors in my love life.

  1. 1.       Get out and meet men! You cannot attract men in your life if you are that type of woman who only meets the public when commuting to work or when going home. Or if you just lazy around the house watching TV while avoiding crowded places. So go to night clubs, social clubs, bars, sports clubs even churches! These are places where you get to interact with people and get noticed. Talk of strategic positioning of a prey! You will obviously get the attention of a potential hunter.
  2. 2.      Appearance. Nothing can be more important than the way you look. Yes, and it is of no use showing up decked up in shabby old fashioned clothes or trying so hard to grab attention by under dressing. Always look decent, neat and a bit sexy. Remember, men are highly visual. They are easily swayed by our appearance. So play with their imagination, show some flesh or wear that tight figured skirt. Just make sure that you display your physical side that is seductive in a subtle way.
  3. 3.      Flirt, Flirt and Flirt. You need to open up and make conversations with interested men. Even if they are not what you exactly want, just flirt around to hone your seduction skills. You also build up confidence when you flirt. Soon you will find a suitable mate. So don’t be too open neither should you be too closed up. Strike a balance. At the end of it all most men will want to take charge of the seduction process and do the chase.

I have religiously followed these three steps with great results. I guess soon I will be back on the dating scene with someone new. Feel free to give me other helpful seduction tips. As usual, I would love to hear from you.

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