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Seeing the Better Perspective

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Seeing the Better PerspectiveIf you feel down because of many things in your life that disappoint you, get your chin up. Being pessimistic is not an option to dwell. I’ve gone through several bad events in my life. I admit that there was an event in my life that I blamed myself for being such a lousy person. I felt useless and hopeless because I can’t think of any other way. Then I realized that I’m not helping myself to get back running. I’m just making things worse. I need to reside on the positive side of life and I need to get to a more mature way of thinking.

Having a break from a certain problem is very different from escaping and ignoring it. The first one is the right thing to do, which I’ve seen some people practice. The latter is a desperate move for people who are weak. I encountered numerous problems and mind you, some are really a pain in the ass. Like everybody else, I’m getting the worst out of things. There was a time during my earlier years that problems come like a package. Many things rolling, issues with friends, relationship fights – they just exist to piss you off and they annoy you in threesome. Sometimes, problems come simultaneously. You can’t just say, “Oh I’ll just ignore them.” because you can’t. What I did was to deal with them one by one. It’s an effective measure if you don’t want some painful and heavy problem hunting you after. Get it solved before it gets worse. I don’t really see the point of running away from them.

If you don’t know your way out, there are people who can offer you a hand. In my case, I have my family. I always seek advice from my parents whenever I encounter things like these. It helps. Not only that you will get a help from them, but you will feel that they are just at your back supporting you all the way with your struggles.

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