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You Suck!

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I’m mad. I’m hurt. There is no other sadness that could ever compare to what I’m feeling. I have never thought that this thing would bother me this much when I just told the world that nothing could invade my happiness because of my family’s visit this Sunday. But now, it’s invaded. Damaged. Ruined. It’s like happiness was never really there. It was just a temporary and a disposable thing. Life has always been like that. But acceptance isn’t in my vocabulary today.

Yesterday we were happy. And now we’re not talking. I gave you my full trust but you never did the same. Was it you who said that love can’t be love at all if we don’t trust each other 100%? What you gave instead is your pride. Your defensive ego. Your unloving heart. It’s frustrating when you’re a man of few words but you ate them all back. Isn’t that a selfish act? Normally, relationships are meant for two people. But I guess you’re more than enough for yourself.

I’m sorry. But I’m still hurting. I’m regretful because of all the words I’ve said. But you have to hear them. Absorb them. Thank you for the love that you think is enough. You are one of the greatest persons I’ve met. You’re lovable. You’re easy to please.

But today, you really suck. Big time!

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