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When All He Wants Is Your Feet – Dating a Foot Fetishist

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You may think that a foot fetish is a small niche of the fetish population, but you’d be surprised at the number of men who get turned on by a woman’s foot. If you’ve never dated a foot fetishist before, you might not have any idea how to please your new beau, or think that he is some strange sexual deviant. The team at Adam and Eve gathered a group of men who love a woman’s set of toes as much as her tits, and asked them to clear the air.

“What’s the one thing that you want women to know about guys who like feet?”

Max H: That we’re no different than the guy who likes asses, or the guy who loves breasts. We just appreciate a part of the body than the majority of guys do.

Greg M: Think about it. You wouldn’t think that a guy who wants to stick his cock between a pair of boobs and have him get off that way is a weirdo. Replace the boobs with the feet, and you’ve got a perve? Not really.

Lee G: We’re also not those kind of guys you see on the news who hide out in bathroom stalls and gyms to try and get a glimpse of a lady’s foot. You get those kind of freaks with any type of fetish. You just can’t paint us all with the same brush.



“What kind of hints do you drop when you are dating a new girl that you’re into her feet?”

Lee G: I don’t come right out and say that I’d get completely turned on if I could suck your toes, if that’s what you mean. If I happen to see her without her shoes and stockings on, I compliment her pedicure and ask her how often she gets them done. I like a lady who takes care of her toes.

Wayne JI ask her shoe size. (laughter from the men) Maybe I’m not as smooth as some of these other guys.

Max H: I like to gauge it a bit first. Some ladies really don’t like having their feet touched – which is a bit of a deal-breaker for me. If we are lounging around and she’s got her feet near me, I’ll place my hand on them or start giving her a foot rub. If she doesn’t completely freak out, I know I’m headed in the right direction.

“Do you let a girl know that you’re into feet before or after you first have sex?”

Greg M: I don’t announce it. I wouldn’t tell a girl that I really like her ass before sex, so I don’t see the point in telling a woman that I’ve got a foot thing. She’ll know after the first time we have sex, for sure. When I’m in a girl, I love to hold onto her feet as opposed to her legs or hips.

Max H: I don’t go right out and tell her, but I think I make it pretty damn obvious. I’ll kiss her feet, sometimes even lick them. If she gets the idea, great. If she’s clueless, sometimes I’ll encourage her a bit by rubbing her foot against my cock when I’m leaning over her.

Wayne J: I just tell them. I don’t see the point in messing around. The sooner I can get her toes wrapped around me, the better!

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