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Why I Love a Mama’s Boy

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My roommate Jen and I had a good talk last night for the first time. We ate dinner together and talked about our lives especially about our experiences with relationships. She’s currently single but dating and she’s being careful about men who are so close to their moms. Her last ex whom she had relationship with for 2 years was a mama’s boy and turned out to be gay. She said she would now choose a more masculine guy who ended his ties with his mom than a man who listens to his mom often. I think she was just traumatized but she would wish she never said this thing later on.

I still want someone who’s close to their moms because that only means they know how to respect women. Mama’s boys usually express their feelings more. They know our needs and listen to us when we talk. And according to the author of Secrets of Happily Married Women, Scott Haltzman, PhD, their openness and willingness to listen translate into awesome bedroom skills too.

It is very common though that married women get jealous with their husband’s moms most probably because of the divided attention. I think what women need is just right understanding. I think you just have to tell your man how you appreciate that he’s attached to his mom but he should put your relationship first. But I wouldn’t really know until I get to their position. Nevertheless, I still want a guy who has a great relationship with his mom and family.

P.S. In an hour or so, I’ll be preparing for my second date with this new guy. I have to find out whether he’s gay or not haha!

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