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So, what if you just broke up with boyfriend? Breaking up doesn’t mean its the end of world. Getting over a break up is indeed difficult but there are ways to survive this situation. How to handle a break up? You can either take a vacation, do something creative or amusing or, you can have sex with someone else. In… Read more »

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We both know about women’s intercourse system, however, you might want to know some of the craziest things that can make women orgasm. Physical Exertion Can Produce Female Orgasms 20% of female who have a rapid workout like climbing, biking and such can’t even feel the orgasm. Nipple Orgasm Orgasm produced when nipples are stimulated during foreplay. Mind Orgasm Thinking… Read more »

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Many people say that oral sex with a condom is not as good than not having one. But in this article, I would like to oppose in that certain phenomena.  You might going to try these 5 best ways to have oral sex with condom and feel free to comment below after doing this sexy condom tip advice. Condom Licking Trick Slowly roll the condom on using your hands,… Read more »

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If you want your man to crave more in bed, you should understand first the truth about the male orgasm. Today, we are going to enumerate what are the facts about the best male orgasm.  They are efficient of climaxing without ejaculating any semen.  Men’s sperm had a speed of 28mph after a first ejaculation. Men have different kind of… Read more »

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Many think that having sex during period is pretty gross. That’s why some people don’t admit that they’re doing it. But in some cases, like if you really want to have sex with your partner, would you go for period sex though its kinda messy sheets as you think? Since most of the women are having period sex problem. We list down the sexiest… Read more »

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