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Not Having a Sense of Smell The issue is that smell plays a huge role in how human beings communicate emotions to each other, with feelings like “nervousness” and “fear” being regularly transmitted through odors before they’re communicated with words or body language. Losing the ability to smell when your partner is turned on or even if they’re sexually compatible… Read more »

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This article from Cosmopolitan gives you some tips on how to spice things up in giving your man’s special gift on his birthday. You don’t need to be stress or get confuse what’s the best gift for him, how about giving him a special birthday sex surprise? I’m sure he wants you seeing naked anyway. 1. Make it all about… Read more »

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Are you not in the mood having sex with your partner lately? Well, here’s the top foods suggested from essence article to boost your sex drive. Watermelon Some fruits have way more than just nutritional value to offer you and your partner. Take watermelons for example. They contain an amino acid called citrulline that increases your sex drive by relaxing… Read more »

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Read this article from Huffingtonpost and figure out what’s the embarrassing things most people want to know during and after sex. 1. Could I have accidentally peed the bed during sex? If the condom is intact and you’ve ruled out the possibility that the wet spot came from him, take a discreet sniff. Does the wet spot smell like urine?… Read more »

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He likes you, you like him, this seems to be perfect for new couples out there. However, you still need to avoid these 11 awkward sex moments written by essence blog. 1. You Say Something You Shouldn’t To avoid saying something you’ll probably regret, make a conscious effort to relax and clear your mind before it’s time. If you’re thinking… Read more »

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