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Another awesome episode from Sex Chat with Dr. Kat and Ross about male orgasm vs female orgasm.. Men orgasm almost three times more than women. Do women fake orgasm? Maybe there is some faking going on but there’s more reason to have sex than just the orgasm.. According to the Direct Sexual Well Being Global survey, 84% of men in Canada can reach… Read more »

27 January 2014 | no comments | Audio

Experience jaw-dropping anal pleasures with these naughty butt plugs! Are you a beginner who wants to discover all the fun at the back door? Then butt plugs are perfect for you!  Butt plugs are a special type of sex toy that is designed to be placed inside the anus for sexual pleasure. Here at, they have a wide variety of PLUGS… Read more »

24 January 2014 | no comments | Video

Watch this hot video until the very end and get an amazing offer from your friends at Adam & Eve.. Chick gang fanatic wants to prove her loyalty to the group by getting away some candy bars from the county store, but she got caught up with the town’s massively erected cocks – the deputy and the sheriff.. Instead of… Read more »

22 January 2014 | no comments | Video

Take your Wet Wabbit Vibrator anywhere you go! The Wet Wabbit is a rabbit sex toy that combines the power of vibrating, pulsating, and rotating waterproof dildo. The remote control dial is located at its base with the 3-function for each vibration and rotation.   This toy provides a woman with tons of stimulation in all different areas. The head… Read more »

20 January 2014 | no comments | Video

A fortuitous crazy sexy meeting with Peter Selby.. At the dog park downtown, a silently known meat market; the best pick-up joint in town. Peter was never been attractive before but this time he looked much hotter and more masculine like he’s been regularly doing gym sessions. We spent the whole day laughing and having fun at the park, then… Read more »

17 January 2014 | no comments | Audio

Want to have better sex?   Learn from Jack Gary’s sexy novels. Always exciting, always interesting and always something new. He always had the amazing sex adventure story. Jack Gary will blow your mind with his erotic and hot sex stories! When you enter coupon code JACK at checkout, you’ll get 50% OFF on almost ANY item plus 3… Read more »

15 January 2014 | no comments | Video

Listen to this hot podcast brought to you by Adam & Eve..  After being stood up at the altar, Monica wasn’t going to sit home on what was supposed to be her honeymoon. She deserves a break after the wedding that would never be. The water washed up around Monica’s ankles as she strolled around the beach. It was exactly what… Read more »

13 January 2014 | no comments | Audio

Listen to this sizzling hot podcast about a hot locker room scene.. Lara works late at the pro sports locker room and got caught by Rob. Her punishment for breaking the rules? Well, that’s for you to find out.. So, listen until the very end of this erotic podcast brought to you by Adam & Eve. And don’t forget to… Read more »

10 January 2014 | no comments | Audio

Listen to this sexy podcast and make your hot wishes cum true.. Dave and his wife had a great sex over the years. After a great day from work, they opened a bottle, went channel surfing and found some hot sex movie on some adult channel. Dave all in a sudden thought of trying something sexually new and wanted three wishes to be… Read more »

08 January 2014 | no comments | Audio

Introduce your partner to ecstatic pleasures and the enchantment of bondage with this all in one restraint kit that works with your mattress.. Check out this video of an awesome bondage gear and watch it until the very end to get an amazing offer! The Sex & Mischief Bondage Kit is one of Adam & Eve’s best selling bed bondage… Read more »

06 January 2014 | no comments | Video