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A Worry-Free Life

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A Worry-Free LifeI used to believe that being single is the result of being a horrible woman. I was wrong. Being single may be an outcome of fear or an outcome of being too evasive of men. It’s definitely not a curse. It does not mean that if you’re single, you’re ugly or pathetic or some psycho bitch. Do not think that way. Being single is a choice.

Partying is one of the activities listed on top priority for women. Anywhere in the world, it appears like every woman needs a piece of social life. This may be easy to single ladies, but may be a struggle to people who are committed. Being in a relationship deprives you to enjoy the perks of nightlife. As I’ve said earlier, being single is not a curse – it is a blessing.

Look. If you’re committed, you cannot go wild on a dance floor and flirt with hot men. You are deprived from this because you need to think of your partner. You’re not thinking only of yourself if you are in a relationship. It should always involve the person you’re committed to. You should be sensitive enough to grasp what’s right for the both of you. I believe that this is the stressful part. I, for sure, cannot tell that I’m prepared to be in a relationship. I’m single because I want it that way. I’m not closing my doors to possibilities but when I come to think of it, being single is not that bad. I have the freedom to decide and think for myself only. I could curl up all day in my bed and I could isolate myself from the world without worrying if somebody’s thinking about me and waiting for my call, e-mail or whatever. Anyway, I have my friends who are there for me – even if I don’t have a man to hug at night!

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