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If Your Guy Has Small Penis…

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There are men who they say are not blessed to have long or big penis. What if you happen to like a guy just to find out later on that he has a small wiener behind his underpants?  Cosmo recently released some awesome tips that will help a guy and his partner pull through regardless the size.

If your guy has small penis, you can…

If Your Guy Has Small Penis...Go to Town With Foreplay

Encourage your guy to bring you as close to orgasming as possible with oral and manual stimulation. After all, if you’re having regular orgasms, his size doesn’t really matter.

Find the Right Positions

…Specifically ones that focus on your clitoris like woman on top. When your vulva is grinding against his pubic area, it stimulates your clitoris, making it that much easier for your to get to O-Town.

Take Him to Yoga

You don’t need to tell him this, but yoga will work on his pelvis which can make his penis bigger. Here’s the deal: Sometimes stress and tension down there can pull the base of the penis inside his body. If his pelvis is relaxed, it could make his junk longer.

Get Him Really Hard During Foreplay

The harder he is, the more blood is flowing down there. And the more blood that’s flowing down there, the bigger it is.

Use a Couple’s Vibe

A lot of them, like the We Vibe, are designed to be used during sex. This one in particular will help fill you up (along with his penis) to stimulate you internally while the other side of its horseshoe shape focuses on your clitoris.

Ditch the Lube

If you have enough natural lubrication, try a condom that doesn’t have lube and take a pass on using any additional lube during sex. This will increase the friction you feel when he’s inside you, making him feel bigger. A ridged condom works, too.

Kegels, Kegels, Kegels

Practice your moves and use them during sex. Try contracting when he’s thrusting in or pulling out to “squeeze” his penis. You’ll both get more sensation out of it.

Show His Penis Some Love

Your guy knows he’s not the biggest dude around and chances are, he has some anxiety about this. So show it some love—tell him you love how it feels when he’s inside you. If he feels confident, he’ll be way better for both of you in bed.

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