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Sexy Jobs I Want

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You all know that I’ve been looking for a job since I got here. And from the time I realized that I’m so close to losing all my money before getting a job, I told myself to look for a job other than modeling. My modeling career can wait as long as. But I thought that I still want a sexy kind of job. So I’ve searched sexy jobs online and I’ve seen quite a lot. is one of the sites I checked and I listed some that I think would fit me and my personality.

a. Bikini-Clad Barista. I really think that I can do this kind of job and there are some training provided here in Vegas for bartending skills. I’m just not sure if there are bars with bikini-clad baristas. Also, I think my mom would get a heart attack when she finds out, lol.

b. Masseuse. This is really sexy whether you touch a man or woman’s body. Touching one’s muscles is definitely beautiful. If I get this job, this would always remind of the massages I’ve done with my guys in the past. This would really be useful in bed.

c. Tattoo Artist. This job is almost the same as the masseuse because of the body’s involvement. Isn’t it great how you put pain on someone’s body and get paid at the same time? Haha! I have only seen few lady tattoo artists like those in Miami Ink but do you think I should get inked first before becoming one?

d. Dog Walker. Not a new thing to me coz I’ve done this as a part-time job way back in college. I also love dogs. I remember being a head turner whenever I walk with dogs across the streets and parks. There were even some guys who offered me another job for their dogs but I declined. I knew they wanted more service.

e. Comic Con Model. Undeniably yes, I’m very okay with this kind of job because I want to become a model! This is a very good start but like big modeling jobs, one would undergo an extensive auditioning process. Well, I can try.

What’s your sexiest job ever? Or do you have any sexy jobs in mind?

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  1. Tom N. November 12, 2010

    I like the Bikini-Clad Barista idea, it would be like a Starbucks / Hooter crossover.

    • PenelopePardee November 16, 2010

      lol. ask my mom’s permission! 😛


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