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My Fulfilling Job

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My job as a receptionist isn’t easy. Working for customers satisfaction is one of the hardest jobs I think. Simply because it’s impossible to please everybody even if you have already done everything you could to help them. There would always be a certain person who would tell you you’re not doing your job when all you did was follow rules. But at the same time, I would say that it’s a fulfilling job. It’s always a good feeling when you’re having a bad day but someone appreciates what you did for them even if it’s as little as making corrections with their reservations.

Today is just one of the ordinary days and helping people is just an ordinary thing for me to do. I was on break and when I came back, I saw this old lady who was carrying her huge bag. It fell off her arms and I ran to her to help. It was a very little deed but she kept thanking me and offered me money. I said no because we’re not allowed but she insisted. So I said, why not invite me for a cup of coffee this afternoon after my work and she agreed.

I wasn’t really serious when I said it and I didn’t expect her to come back. But to my big surprise, she did! And she brought her cutest grandson with her. We had coffee, we talked, and I would say that she’s one of the best people I met with a great sense of humor. At 5 pm, my boyfriend went over to pick me up. And the old lady said, “Take care of her. You’re the luckiest. I would have my grandson marry her if you won’t.”… And my boyfriend nodded. I was teary-eyed when I left. But I’m sure we’ll meet again. And I will meet dozens like her with this job I have.

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