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Jealous Coworker

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My 4th day in my new job wasn’t as good. Aside from getting multiple prank calls in a row, my 2 coworkers I was close with told me during our lunch together that this person named ‘Mary’ is jealous of me. I can’t even call her my friend now. And although how much I wanted to focus with my job and the customers, I couldn’t seem to take what I heard out of my head! This is bad coz this is yet to be confirmed. But I also think that my 2 coworkers have no reasons to lie to me. They’ve been so good to me since I arrived at the hotel.

However, this Mary was a bit different when I first worked at the office. She looked at me differently from head to toe and that’s when I thought that I don’t want to be too close to anybody in the office. But then I realized that I have to mingle with my coworkers, never judge them, and I should be gaining friends because I was new here then. Eventually, she started talking to me, even invited me for lunch with her group, and told me how great I look everyday. We had few chances to talk but they were all good.

But now, this is what I’m hearing and it’s very irritating. How could she be jealous of me? Why would she talk in the office that she thinks I slept with our boss and that’s how I got this job? How could she do that to me if I was good to her? She even congratulated me when I got this new job! And everyone knows I originally applied for this job and we even joked about how the management think I’m too pretty and my beauty should be exposed outside. Ugh, I’m just really really hurt. She isn’t a Mary at all. But I will let this pass. I shouldn’t let this affect me. I’m just glad that I have real friends and a boyfriend who are very supportive.

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