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The Famous Happily Ever After

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The Famous Happily Ever AfterHave you been watching Disney movies or cartoons for the past few years? Disney is so wrong for convincing everyone that the happily ever after line is for people who are together and married. I think there is a slight bias there. I am a happy woman who enjoys my time with friends, and I have a happily ever after relationship with them. Though unfortunately I’m single, it doesn’t conclude that I’m some random loser who doesn’t appear to be a viable candidate for “happily ever after”. I strongly believe that if I live my life right, then I could be merry with all the aspects of living. Although romance is a good thing to have and share, I’m still in one piece alive and kicking without it. I can sail and explore other things, all because this world is not all about romance and intimate love. There are other things that make this world revolve.

I am not sad at all. Having some experiences with dating and relationships make me not a newbie to the feeling. I know the feeling of getting into a relationship. I know the joy that it gives when you share some intimate moments with a man. My point is that it’s quite unfair that some people (not all) instilled this stigma that genuine happiness can be attained through a successful partnership. Take this for instance, a young single woman who has a very successful career and has a high paying job to support the things she want like good signature clothes and a brand new chic sports car. It’s not right to tell her “Oh she’s not happy because she lacks a man!” That is merely jumping to conclusions and judging the person. Loving gives the feeling of happiness, but happiness isn’t just a feeling confined to loving. I should know.

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