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How to Save Money When You’re Jobless

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Today is my 1st month-sary here in Vegas. The sad thing about it is I don’t have a job yet. I submitted resumes to different modeling agencies but I haven’t really gotten any call yet from any of them. I’ve been thinking for the past days that if this career isn’t really for me, or if I need to wait longer, I must stop. My roommate Jen said that she once wished to become a model but she got tired of waiting and lost hope.

But I can’t give up a goal that easy especially if I already gave up a lot too because of that want. So this is the decision I made, I will look for any job even if it’s not related to modeling. I’m running out of money and that’s the best solution I could think of(as if I have a choice, lol). Although my mom told me that I could ask money from her if I really needed to, I think I wouldn’t grow as a better person if I won’t learn to sacrifice or if I won’t feel any pain or failure.

As an aspiring model., maintaining a good body is very important. But since I have to cut down expenses, I shouldn’t think about getting a gym membership anytime soon. Also, I’ll try my best to think that my hair is still great so I won’t go to a salon every week. I admit that I’m vain and my parents have been complaining about it but all I say is this is my money. If it wasn’t about all this budgeting, I wouldn’t realize how much money I had really spent for the past years.

This new guy is already making a huge impact in my life. I would have not thought about all of this if he didn’t tell me how he struggled here just to get where he is right now. He’s simply amazing.

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