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I’m Going Back To Georgia!

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Yeah! I’m literally shouting haha! I’m finally going back to my hometown after more than 2 months! Okay, I know it’s just 2 months but it honestly feels like years! My work allowed me to have few days off. I miss my family so much especially my mom. I’m crying while writing this post because I’m really happy.

My mom offered me money last week so just I could go home on Christmas but I refused. Although I know she understands that I’m very new to this job, I’m still trying to adjust with my new life here, but I’m really embarrassed. I really think that because I have chosen this kind of life, I should learn to live with it and suffer if I have to. I’ve been learning a lot since I moved here, it’s a very hard process but I’m enjoying the pain and suffering.

And now, I’m just so grateful that I’m finally going home! I don’t have a ticket yet but I’ll buy as soon as I can. My roommate is willing to share her money to help me and I’ll just pay her when I get paid next week. I actually invited her to come with me because she’s not with her family too but she thinks it’s better to just stay and spend Christmas with her new boyfriend.

But if anyone actually wants to help me out, you can do it by buying something at Use offer code PENELOPE & get 50% off of most ANYTHING there and FREE SHIPPING! Please? You will really help me out!

I’m very thankful for everything that heaven sent to me. So far, He’s giving me everything that I asked (except for the modeling career, lol! He said I should wait :P). I could not ask for more, this is just really a perfect gift. Maybe I should start going shopping today or once I get paid. I can’t wait any longer!

This new guy I’m dating will surely miss me but I’m coming back soon too. 🙂

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