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Ways To Look Hotter Naked

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You will surely look hot when naked, but there are far better ways to make you look even more hotter.  Found this very helpful article from cosmo that will surely make you even more sexier naked.

Ways To Look Hotter NakedLook Buff in the Buff

The morning before a big date, do this quickie workout. Don’t take any breaks between sets; the point is that you’re constantly moving, so your heart rate stays up.

-24 lunges on each leg
-24 bicycle crunches
-24 push-ups
-24 V-crunches
-24 seconds of mountain climber

Source: Gina Lombardi, author of Deadline Fitness and host of FitNation on Discovery Health & Fit

Pick Your Poison

Certain body lotions have superpowers, so here’s your best bet if you have…

-Bacne or buttne: A shimmery cream diffuses light, blurring imperfections.

-Hyperpigmentation: Tinted lotion, camouflages discoloration like rashes and sunspots.

-Cellulite: Cream containing caffeine temporarily tightens up jiggly spots.

-Dry skin: Body oil not only feels slippery and sensual on your skin, but it gives you a lush, wet appearance that’s ultra sexy. And because it’s reflective, it makes you look almost ethereal.

Try This Weird Secret Trick!

So, this is gonna sound wacky, but we swear it works. When you’re in the bathroom getting ready, say to yourself, “peas and carrots.” Photographer Chris Clinton uses this technique on models to amp up the sultry vibe during a shoot. Something about the way your lips move when forming those words feels so pouty and sensual.

Be Bed-able

One you’re laying down in bed, the foxiest position is on your side—your waist will dip down and seem smaller, and your hips will appear curvier. Prop your lower arm under your breasts to push them up, and arch your back and stick out your butt to enhance your hourglass even more.

Sources: Photographers Chris Clinton and Alexa Miller

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