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My First Day As A Hotel Receptionist

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Yesterday, I started my new job as a receptionist in the same company. For those who didn’t know yet, I was promoted last week! Although I knew how busy a receptionist is, I didn’t know how serious it was until I experienced it, myself. I wasn’t really nervous on my first day, but I was just concerned about making a mistake. It’s understandable to make a mistake if you’re a beginner but I expect more from myself. And thank God everything ran so smoothly. I’m glad that my coworker who’s with me is very helpful.

The only problem I got I think is that I can’t access online or check my phone messages as much as I want to. But my coworker told me I’ll learn how to sneak after a while and I’ll get used to my job right away. It gave me more confidence that I can do this right and that I’m right for this job.

What I really love about my job aside from the little increase of my pay is the attention. Aside from the phone calls, emails and inquiries I’m getting from people who approach me, I love how the guys take a second look or pass by twice just to look at me hahaha! I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these days, a guy would ask me for my number or ask me out.

But I’m already taken. And when I mentioned that to my boyfriend, he seemed not jealous about it but proud. Although I wanted him to get jealous even for a bit, I think I should be glad that he’s proud of me and my job instead of getting jealous over something as shallow as this.

Happy Tuesday everyone! And while I work, please visit Adam & Eve and use offer code PENELOPE to get 50% discount, free shipping and a mystery gift! The money I would get from this would help me get my surprise gift for my boyfriend. So please? 🙂

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  1. Richard January 25, 2011

    Congrats on the promotion. Stay beautiful. Stay faithful. Go far with the hotel.

    • PenelopePardee January 26, 2011

      thank you 🙂

  2. TE January 26, 2011

    Nice work!


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